18 aprile 2017

Paper Submission


DLAM 2019 welcomes submissions in the following categories:

  • Technical papers
  • System descriptions
  • Application descriptions

Papers should follow the AVSS 2019 submission guidelines. Here you can found all details.

There are two sets of paper submission templates available:

Detailed style and formatting instructions can be found in either template. Submissions not using the above templates will be rejected without review.

A complete paper must be submitted using one of the above templates, formatted for double-blind review, at the Microsoft Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) site: https://cmt3.research.microsoft.com/DLAM2019

Please note that DLAM, as AVSS, uses a double-blind review procedure, i.e. the identity of authors is hidden from reviewers and the identity of reviewers is hidden from authors. Therefore, in order to identify a paper, one of the authors must first register as a user on the CMT submission website and enter the paper title and abstract. This will result in the allocation of a Paper ID that must be used instead of author names in the preparation of this submission for review. Please be sure to read both the formatting instructions in the templates and policies (below) before submission.

Paper submission implies that, if the paper is accepted, one of the authors will present the paper/poster at the conference. According to AVSS publication policy, papers that are not presented will be pulled from the IEEE proceedings and are not considered published.

Dual/Double Submissions By submitting a manuscript to AVSS, the authors guarantee that it has not been previously published or accepted for publication in substantially similar form in an archival peer-reviewed forum. Furthermore, no paper which contains significant overlap with the contributions of this paper is either under review at the moment of submission or will be submitted during the DLAM 2019 review period to any of the following: another conference, a workshop, or a journal.

Supplementary Material Authors may optionally upload supplementary material, which may include:

  • videos to showcase results/demo of the proposed approach/system,
  • images and other results in addition to the ones in the paper,
  • anonymized related submissions to other conferences and journals, and
  • appendices or technical reports containing extended proofs and mathematical derivations that are not essential to the understanding of the submitted paper.

DLAM 2019 encourages authors to submit videos using an MP4 codec such as DivX contained in an AVI or quicktime MOV, compressed with ZIP. Also, please submit a README text file with each video specifying the exact codec used and a URL where the codec can be downloaded.