London, Sept. 7 th, 2017

in conjunction with British Machine Vision Conference


The focus of the Workshop is on distributed computing issues in large-scale networked sensor systems (including algorithms and applications, systems design techniques and tools, and in network signal and information processing).
Aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from different communities (such as Computer Vision, networked embedded sensing, artificial intelligence and so on) which address the problem of interpretation of the information coming from multiple distributed sensing systems.


2016: 4th AMMDS Workshop, in conjunction with AVSS 2016, Colorado Springs, USA

2015: 3rd AMMDS Workshop, in conjunction with AVSS – Karlsruhe, Germany

2014: 2nd AMMDS Workshop, in conjunction with ICPR – Stockholm, Sweeden

2013: 1st AMMDS Workshop, in conjunction with AVSS – Kràcow, Poland


Single and multiple object tracking
Human behavior analysis
Individual activity detection and recognition
Multi-agent/multi sensing activity detection and recognition
Scene understanding
Sensor calibration
Event detection
Distributed collaborative information processing
Abstractions for modular design


NEW Submission deadline: July 14th 2017

Paper acceptance notification: July 25th 2017

Camera ready: July 29th 2017


Paolo Spagnolo

National Research Council – Italy


George Bebis - University of Nevada (USA)

Simone Calderara - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Pierluigi Carcagnì - ISASI CNR (Italy)

Massimo De Gregorio - ISASI CNR (Italy)

Marco Del Coco - ISASI CNR (Italy)

Cosimo Distante - ISASI CNR (Italy)

David Geronimo - Catchoom Technologies (Sweden)

Jordi Gonzalez - UAB - CVC, Catalonia (Spain)

Antonio Greco - University of Salerno (Italy)

Marco Leo - ISASI CNR (Italy)

Liliana Lo Presti - University of Palermo (Italy)

Amy Loufty - Örebro University (Sweden)

Rosalia Maglietta - ISSIA CNR (Italy)

Annalisa Milella - ISSIA CNR (Italy)

Federico Pernici - University of Florence (Italy)

Alessia Saggese - University of Salerno (Italy)

Leonid Sigal - Disney Research (USA )

Wei-Shi Zheng - Sun Yat-Sen University (China)